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About Qurient

Founded in 2008, Qurient takes a pioneering position in the newly emerging biotech industry in Korea. Qurient introduced a unique virtual biotech model, running R&D operations not only in clinical development phases, but also in early discovery research stage, named ‘Network R&D’ model. Network R&D aims to capital efficient innovation, being able to tackle on new scientific innovations in various therapeutic areas through experts network.

Qurient mainly engages in value creation between early discovery to clinical proof-of-concept. The particular concentration in the value chain creates more efficient organizational structure with clear focus on innovation. Qurient believes late stage development is better handled by fully integrated pharmaceutical/biotech industry with proper marketing function in the therapeutic area.

Qurient’s mission is to provide innovation for unmet medical needs to help patients around the world. Through fulfilling the mission, Qurient will be able to create concrete value for its shareholders.

Qurient has been listed in Korea Exchange (KRX: 115180) since 2016.

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